Jellystone Park

Basic Info:

Name: Jellystone Park
Address: 179 Albion St, Brunswick
Phone: 9386 7750
Website: NA
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday - 7am - 5.30pm

Little Eats ‘soundbite review’:

Brunswick families flock to this cafe, which is setting high standards in the kid-friendly cafe stakes. A nice, warm and inviting environment, good food, Five Senses coffee, highchairs, sandpit, toys, playground next door and more... the list goes on.

Highchair: Yes
Change table: No
Pram access: Yes
Separate kids menu: No
Normal menu suitable for kids: Yes
Friendly staff: Yes
Play area for kids: Yes - sandpit
Activities provided for kids (eg: crayons): Yes - books, coloured pencils, toys
Vibe/atmosphere: Casual, relaxed, local, warm, cosy
Prices: Good value/ large serves
Other: Park & playground right next door

Little Eats detailed review:

Located in an old bluestone cottage on Albion St, just off Sydney Road Brunswick, is a new cafe that has pulled out all stops to please the little ones, and as a result has already become a firm favourite with Brunswick parents and carers. Jellystone Park (previously Green Tambourine) lacks the hipster vibe that is popular in the Brunswick cafe scene (there were no Wayfarer wearing cool cats to be seen) but what it does offer is a refreshingly simple, warm and relaxed cafe that is top notch for the little tackers.

The front courtyard is popular with dog owners and bike riders, inside theres plenty of space for large-ish groups to spread out and enjoy brunch, or cosy cushion clad nooks for canoodling couples to enjoy a late breakfast together, and then out in the sheltered back courtyard is where you will be drawn if you arrive at Jellystone Park with little ones in tow.

The sandpit is the main drawcard, and was filled with trucks, buckets, toys, a footy and other scooping and digging tools. There’s also a rocking see-saw and a plastic cubby house structure with a little slide heading straight down into the golden sand.... whhhheeeeeeee! For the less boistrous and adventurous there’s a basket of books to flick through and read, and for the creative little souls there’s a blackboard on the wall as well as coloured pencils and paper to scribble on.

Our little family of 4 enjoyed a very leisurely Sunday breakfast here. A highchair for the toddler, room for our bubba in the stroller, good food and coffee for Mamma and Pappa and of course the famous sandpit and all the other entertainment provided, all combined to make a very kid-friendly brunch spot for us. We sat, ate and chilled in the back courtyard surrounded by pots of succulents and herbs, and amongst other families. Although there is no specific kids menu, they are happy to adapt items to suit the little ones, and there are plenty of regular options that they can enjoy too, including the croissant with jam (and a babycino chaser), as enjoyed by our toddler.

Other (very generously portioned) breakkie items include thick slabs of sourdough and fruit toast, muesli, coconut porridge, oatmeal hotcakes with vanilla yoghurt and caramel bananas, green eggs and ham, and something for those hipsters... a hangover special.

For lunch there’s ciabattas, soup of the day, BRAT(rocket is the R, replacing the L) and other fresh daily specials. Phoenix organic drinks, Five Senses Coffee and Bonsoy, complete the decent food and coffee offering. And for treats, a selection of cakes, muffins, pastries and cannoli, and little cute tea-cup biscuits for the kiddies.

I am no longer a Brunswick local, but if I still was I reckon I would be visiting this cafe religiously... on my own, with the kids, or for Mother’s Group catch-ups, of which I have heard it is a popular location. There’s also free wifi, so while the sandpit provides some much needed distraction for your little ones, you are free to peruse the many fabulous online shops out there, check your Facey page or finally reply to those un-answered emails. Once the sandpit is no longer the flavour of the moment, you can always grab a takeaway latte and head to the park and playground next door.

You know your little one has had fun, when you get home and theres still babycino smeared on their cute little cherub cheeks, biscuit crumbs on their clothes, and sand in their converse... and their nappy!

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